Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mill Valley to Open at 10:00am

Thursday, February 11th.
We will be opening at 10:am

Lot has been plowed in the upper level only, so be careful & be patient with each other.

Yes, we still have snow shovels.
No ice melt - no sleds.

Road conditions as of this morning
Falls Rd from 36th. St. to 41 st. St. - 1 lane in each direction down to bare pavement.
West 36th. St. from Falls Rd. to Chestnut Ave. passable, but only about 1 1/2 lanes in some spots.
Chestnut Ave. from 36th. St. to 33rd. St. about the same as 36th. St.
Keswick Rd. from 34th. St. to 29th. St. "passable" - snow packed.
2900 & 2800 blocks of Sisson St. in good shape.