Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Finally Here - the Winter Buyer's Co-op

So many of you have asked if there would be a winter CSA. Unfortunately, we could not find an individual farmer who could meet this need. Thus the Mill Valley General Store Winter Buyer's Co-op has been created. Mill Valley will purchase, on behalf of co-op members, fruits & vegetables from area farmers. All produce from Tuscarora Organic Growers Coop, Chambersburg, PA., will be certified organic. All citrus fruit from Uncle Matt's in Florida, will be certified organic. Produce & cider from Baugher's Orchard in Westminster, MD is produced using natural practices - IPM (Integrated Pest Management) & a food grade certified horticultural oil.

Listed below are the basics of the Winter Buyer's Co-op:
17 week program - start date 2/05/09 - ending 5/24/09.
Full Share - $310.00/season - 6 items per week
2/3rd Share - $210.00/season - 4 items per week
Applications available at Mill Valley General Store
Last day to sign up - Sunday, February 1st.

For those not familiar with this type of program:
  • each week there will be a minimum of 6 items available. You select from the available items, we do not pre-package. We strongly encourage you to bring your own bags.
  • by joining the Winter Buyer's Co-op, your average price per item is $3.04. Items included in the co-op have an average price of $3.50 - $6.00 per item.
  • a typical weekly share may be: 1qt. of potatoes - 1 qt. of onions - 1 qt. of beets - a bag of carrots - a pound of white button mushrooms - a dozen apples. Regular retail would be $24.25 - Co-op member price $20.40. There will be weeks when your savings will be greater. There will never be a week when your savings will be less.
  • items we expect to be available include: onions, carrots, potatoes, celeriac, rutabagas, turnips, mushrooms, apples, pears, oranges, tangelos, grapefruit, beets, cabbage, parsnips, radishes, shallots, greens. Availability will begin to expand in April.
  • occasionally Baugher's apple cider, Hen's Nest fresh eggs & perhaps Wagner Brothers beef cubes, ground beef or sausage, will be added to the list.
  • Shares may be picked up during our regular business hours; Thursday - 9-5 * Friday - 9:00am - 8:00pm * Saturday & Sunday - 9-5.
For more info & an application, please stop in during January